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Canned Tuna Thailand Product for Delicious Salad

Canned tuna Thailand product is really good for tuna salad or sandwiches. Thailand is one of the largest canned tuna producers in the world and their products are sold internationally by exported the canned tuna in global markets. You can definitely find canned tuna made in Thailand as imported product if you live far away from Thailand. You should at least taste canned tuna product from other countries such as Thailand to experience different taste of tuna besides your local products.

Mixing canned tuna fish in order to make delicious salad is a common thing. Well, you can even make other recipes with tuna either fresh or canned one. When making salad or sandwiches, you cannot forget about the mayonnaise since it makes the dish tastier with more flavorful taste. However, due to the high calories and fats contained in mayonnaise, some people tend to replace the mayonnaise with other replacements. And if you do not know how to replace the mayonnaise in your tuna salad or sandwiches then here we are give you several ideas about the replacement which is healthier and bring similar delicious taste for your dishes.

You can replace the mayonnaise in your canned tuna Thailand with all these!
You can replace high in calories and fats mayonnaise with these products such as:
1.      Plain yogurt
Plain yogurt can be used as mayonnaise replacement because it offers similar creaminess for your canned tuna Thailand salad but it contains fewer fats and calories with extra tanginess and more nutrients. Unflavored or plain yogurt is fine and you can use Greek yogurt if you think the texture is too thin. To mix it with the tuna fish, fluff the yogurt first before you mix it with the canned tuna in your salad to give an airy lightness which closer to the mayonnaise texture.
2.      Vinegar and oil
Yes, instead of mixing your tuna with mayonnaise, why not you try seasoning it with a bit vinegar and oil as replacement? Both of the oil and vinegar can mask the fishy smell of tuna fish and you can add extra pepper and salt to make the flavor richer. You can make a delicious tuna salad sandwiches with fresh tomato, large lettuce leaves, pickle chips, cooked egg, and of course best canned tuna Thailand product and then for finishing touch, add extra oil or vinegar with salt and pepper.
3.      Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese
Cottage cheese can be prepared with proper way to achieve similar consistency of mayonnaise in less than a minute. You can pick either low fat or non-fat or even regular cottage cheese then blender it to get that creamy texture, after that to add extra creaminess, use electric hand mixer. To make sure that the cheese will have the same consistency just like mayonnaise, you should keep the cottage cheese overnight in refrigerator. Drain the cheese with cheesecloth in a bowl then store it in refrigerator, the next morning remove the liquid and do the instructions above to get the creamy texture. Since it is saltier than mayo, you need to use the binder sparingly with tuna fish and you may need less to get desirable flavor.
Meanwhile, ricotta cheese is similar with cottage cheese if we talking about the taste. However they are typically less salty than cottage cheese, but you still need to drain the cheese the same way overnight just like cottage cheese. In addition, ricotta cheese has grainier and finer texture; you need to taste it first to adjust the taste and the texture before you mix it with your canned tuna Thailand salad sandwich recipe.
4.      Avocado
This not only brings low calories and fats, but this fruit is also offer great nutrition for your health. You should choose an avocado with soft but not mushy texture. Blend the fruit with blender or food processor or mixer. After that, mix the avocado with canned tuna Thailand which already been drained off from the liquid. The salad will have the bright green visual that improve the appearance and not to mention it gives new level of flavor.

You can choose mayonnaise replacement above for your canned tuna Thailand salad sandwiches to get healthier dish especially if you want to include your tuna in dietary menu plan.

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