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Maybe you are wonder where to find fresh seaweed suppliers since seaweed retailers are really rare and unless you live in coastal area, it is going to be difficult to find fresh and raw seaweeds. Seaweed is an exotic ocean plant with wide variety of types plus they can be used for many things and only for human foods. Seaweed is cherished by many people all around the world due to the high nutrition contents provide health benefits and how they can be used for various things including fertilizer, pet foods, medicines and traditional herbs, and so on. Nowadays, getting fresh seaweeds are easier thanks to the modern day so you can able to order them both offline and online.

Where to source edible seaweeds from fresh seaweed suppliers?
Now you can enjoy using fresh seaweeds from fresh seaweeds suppliers for many things easily. Countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and other Asian countries are ready to ship and deliver to you fresh and raw seaweeds right in front of your door. There are seaweeds producers that produce tons of fresh seaweeds each year sourced from both wild caught and seaweed farms. This is mean that get fresh seaweeds are getting easier thanks to the high tech available to maintain the freshness of seaweeds product.
Offline versus online fresh seaweed suppliers
You can get fresh seaweeds with many ways; the first one is by purchasing fresh seaweeds at local grocery stores since they also provide you with edible fresh seaweeds ready to be cooked into various dishes. Of course if you live near coastal area, the chance to get fresh seaweeds are higher, but if you are live far away from those area, you can always try to find fresh seaweeds at local grocery stores. You can ask the staff when they get the stock to ensure that you get the freshest seaweed available. You just need to be smart when buying seaweeds offline by asking several questions to the market staff.
Online buying is the easiest solution to have when you do not have an access for fresh seaweed locally. There are things you need to do when order seaweed from online fresh seaweed suppliers. First thing first is that you should make sure that they sourced their seaweeds with sustainable methods. Do not be worried if they offer seaweeds from seaweed farms because most of the seaweed sold in the domestic and international markets are mostly taken from seaweed farm because wild caught seaweed cannot longer meet market demand because they are limited.
Second, you also need to ask how they will deliver the seaweeds. Usually the fresh seaweed suppliers able to deliver to various places and countries by frozen the seaweeds first to keep the product stay fresh when arrive at your place. After that, you can unfreeze the seaweeds later. Do not forget to ask for the shipping cost as well especially when you use overnight shipping. Moreover, it is will be so helpful to determine the quality of fresh seaweed suppliers if the suppliers can send you their seaweed sample so you can see whether they have good quality of seaweed product.
Why seaweeds?
 If you ask why seaweed is getting more and more popular nowadays not only in some seaweed lover countries such as Japan and Korea then it is because seaweed provides many benefits. First, seaweed contains many nutrients which useful to support overall body system like the minerals, protein, and vitamins. Seaweed even used for centuries as traditional herbs or medicines to deal with certain diseases/ illnesses. Second, seaweeds can be used for various things not only for human foods; you can even buy fresh seaweed and then soak yourself in a bathtub full of fresh seaweed to take care your skin beauty.
Fresh seaweed can also be used for fertilizers. You can soak the seaweeds in water and then wait for several days to get seaweed extract. After that, spray the seaweed extract to the land soil to make it fertile and thanks to the numerous nutrients contained in the seaweeds which are going to be really useful for the land to grow healthier. That’s why; you need to order fresh seaweed suppliers now to get your hands on high quality of seaweeds.

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