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Tuna Canned 1880g a Good Source for Omega-3

Tuna canned 1880g is a good source of healthy nutrition that your body required. Manufacturer offers canned tuna in various sizes and quality according to your taste and need with one of them being tuna in 1880g size. Many brands are available as well with competitive prices that you can choose and types of tuna that you can pick with some consideration. Today we want to share some information about canned tuna fish  including its nutritional value and how to choose a high quality tuna canned product.

Tuna canned 1880g is good source of omega 3 fatty acids
One of the biggest advantages for having tuna canned 1880g products is because they offer heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids content which human cannot produce themselves. Omega 3 provides EPA and DHA which is great to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and support brain function since DHA is critical for optimal brain health. The amount of omega 3 fatty acids per tuna can may different one to another. White tuna is higher omega 3 than light tuna, while tuna in water has higher number of it than tuna in oils. Why is that so? Because when you drained off the tuna in oil, some of the natural fatty acids will leach away as well since omega 3 soluble with the oil from the can. Oppositely, because of omega 3 and water does not mix so when draining the liquid will not remove the omega 3 from the tuna fish Information.
Is tuna canned 1880g contain high sodium?
This question is frequently asked by people as well. When you purchase tuna canned 1880g factory product, most of the manufacturers will add additional salt for seasoning. 3 oz serving can have about 300 to 500 mg of sodium which is still a fair amount, since the daily sodium limit for most of adults is 1,500 mg. Luckily that some of factories are already reduced the number of sodium content so you can try to buy canned tuna with labeled as low in sodium or very low in sodium. In addition, most of tuna in brine (salt water) will have higher sodium than tuna in spring water or tuna in oil, you better considerate this note too.
What are the glass-like crystals that sometimes seen in tuna canned?
Do not worry if you seen the glass like crystals or shards in tuna canned fish because they are harmless and once you eating the tuna, they will dissolve in your stomach. That harmless content is actually a compound named struvite. Minerals in the compound are naturally in fish, but they may bind together during canning process at the factories.
Is tuna can gets smaller?
Well, there are various sizes of tuna canned fish and 1880g considerate to be huge. However, some have indeed getting smaller from 6 oz to 5 oz plus more of the content might be just water. This is the manufacturer idea to give less food but with the same price. 3 oz or single serving of tuna might be convenient however you are going to pay more per ounce and thus you better buy larger about 12-ounce cans or 1880 grams of tuna if available for the most cost-effective tuna canned product.
How to buy a good tuna canned product?
To buy a tuna canned 1880g Indonesia is about preference, we are talking about the taste, price, and the nutrition value. It is true that tuna in oil somehow tastier than tuna in water, but they are less healthy than tuna in water because of the calories and the fats intake. In contrast, some people do not like tuna in water because they are tasteless or bland, but you can always try to add your own additional seasonings for the tuna to make the flavor stronger.
One important thing to buy a tuna fish product is that always pick the brands that are use sustainably fishing method which mean they use environmentally friendly method when catching the tuna fish. In addition, you can also check for the dolphin-safe label which means that the fishing method does not harm or accidentally caught dolphins, although the label will not tell you the whole story.
Eating tuna canned 1880g for healthy recipes are very great; however always limit the amount when eating tuna either fresh and frozen or canned due to the mercury content.

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