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Using Tuna Supplier Indonesia for Fish Sausage Factory Business

You might need to be working with tuna supplier Indonesia if you have fish sausage factory that wants to expand your business by making tuna sausage. Many people know that tuna meat has good protein content, thus they love to eat tuna dish as part of their meals. Not to mention that tuna itself is quite cheap raw material, thus tuna dish can me made using minimum cost but still having maximum nutrient from it. That is why when you expand your business by making tuna sausage that many people like, and then you will get more customers that will purchase product from your fish sausage factory.

Expand Your Business with Tuna Supplier Indonesia
To be able to make tuna sausages, then you need to have raw material in the form of whole round tuna product. You can ask the supplier to give you this whole round tuna product, to be use as raw material in your fish sausage factory. However, you should first know how the supplier creates those raw materials for your factory. The supplier, usually hire their own fisher, and Indonesian fisher already have a lot of experience in fishing tuna fish from the sea. Especially since Indonesia itself has large seawater area, where the fisher can get the tuna fish from, thus tuna supplier Indonesia will be very easy to get fisher to catch the tuna fish for them.
When the tuna fish is caught from the sea, Indonesian fisher already knows what to do with the fishes they get. From experience they have learned that tuna fish has hot body temperature, and if the tuna fish is stored in this condition it can lead to decay in faster than normal time even when the tuna fish is already stored in the chiller. That is why; they already have a procedure that they will do to the tuna fish that they caught before giving it to the tuna supplier Indonesia.
The procedure that they do is the bleeding procedure which is able to lower the tuna fish body temperature thus it will not get decayed too fast. This procedure is done to the tuna fish by cutting its artery open, which will allows the blood to come out from the tuna fish body thus lowering the body temperature. With this procedure the tuna fish will still stay fresh, even after it is arrived on the supplier warehouse. Furthermore, this procedure also able to increase the quality of the tuna fish to be better doubles the quality it has before. Afterwards the tuna fish can be stored inside the ship chiller safely to be taken to the tuna supplier Indonesia warehouse.
After the tuna fish is arrived in the supplier warehouse there is actually no further process that is done to the tuna fish. That is because what you want to get is the tuna still in its whole round shape. Thus there is nothing that can be done to the tuna fish since the supplier needs to maintain the form as what they get from the fisher. The only thing that the supplier will do is to freeze the tuna fish in ultra cold temperature to preserve the meat and the quality that it has. To do it, the supplier will use between – 40 degree Celsius temperature to – 60 degree Celsius temperature storage that will be able to frozen the tuna fish completely. And now the tuna fish is ready to be taken into your tuna sausage factory by the tuna supplier Indonesia.
When the tuna fish arrived in your warehouse, it will still be in frozen condition. This condition will make sure there is no bacteria that can make the tuna meat decay in the storage. If you want to use this frozen whole round tuna, then you may defrost it first. But remember to use the tuna fish right away after it is defrost to make the tuna sausage for your factory so there is nothing can go wrong and ruin the quality of the material. By learning all of those procedures, you will know which supplier that can be trusted to give you the best and high quality product from your fish sausage business. Use trustable tuna supplier Indonesia that is able to supply the best product for you.

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