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Guides to Look for Tuna Supplier in Singapore

Start ordering products from tuna supplier in Singapore is one of the best choices when you want to open a restaurant or seafood market. You should buying from reputable supplier because it is the key to protect your business and of course the health of your customers. In addition, it is better to put training with an expert to find and look for good fish to be served later for the customers. Staff training at your business is needed in order to ensure the safety when order fish product including tuna which is one of the most famous sea foods ordered by many people.

Follow these essential tips to find good tuna supplier in Singapore
To find reputable tuna supplier in Singapore, you can follow these instructions which hopefully help you to find the best one:
1.      Find tuna fish species that availability wide to get reasonable prices
Okay, if you like to order fresh or frozen tuna fish, finding the tuna fish that availability wide in stocks will affect the majority of the prices when you order them. There are various tuna fish species that most people buy because they are abundant such as skipjack and yellowfin. They are good, although skipjack tuna has lower mercury content than yellowfin. Fresh tuna is seasonal so the prices might be higher or more expensive than frozen tuna, but if your business is far away from coast, you can purchase frozen tuna from the suppliers and ensure that the fish are perfectly frozen when they deliver it to your restaurant or store.
2.      Specify your needs very detail to the suppliers
Next, you really need to specify your needs to the tuna supplier in Singapore in a very detailed manner. Many restaurants or even hotels like to order meats and fishes frequently without basic and important information they need to do the job. Once again, it is about the prices. If you do not know how many portions or weight of fish you can expect to serve from the tuna meats then your business has very little change to decide or set up menu prices at level which will keep the business profitable. So, it is not hurtful at all to have more understanding about tuna fish order specifications. This will affect your negotiation with the suppliers as well in terms of prices or cost and time.
3.      Do not buy tuna fish that have been raised in farm fishing
Especially if you want to open a restaurant tuna that serve raw tuna fish such as sushi or sashimi. This is important to have fresh or frozen tuna fish that have been caught wildly from the ocean since tuna fish which raises in the farm fishing have some risk with bacterial contamination plus they usually feeding with unbalanced and un-organic diets. Natural is always been the best one. That’s why you need to ask your best tuna supplier in Singapore, where they source their tuna products before you buy.
4.      Buy fish that sustainably caught
Net fishing method sometimes caught not only tuna, but other wild life animals in the ocean as well like dolphin, turtles, shark, and so on. This is important to buy to a supplier that only manages sustainably fishing method to get their source of product. You should ask them about this matter especially if you are care about eco-friendly thing. Finding suppliers who already have certification of seafood to ensure the suppliers or fisheries met certain environmental criteria, for example “dolphin-safe tuna” label.
5.      It is okay to buy online as long as the suppliers are trusted one
Maybe you are live outside Singapore and need to import their products.  It is okay to buy the tuna fish online as long as you can get trusted suppliers which offering good tuna fish with high quality condition. You can ask for some sample first before buying and ask how much the shipping cost overnight because it will affect the prices.

Following the guides above so you can get your hands for the best tuna fish products from tuna supplier in Singapore. As part of Asian countries, Singapore is also one of the largest tuna distributors in the world along with other countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, you can check those supplier’s countries as well.

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