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As a restaurant owner, you might search for a supplier tuna restaurant for your business. As we all know, tuna is highly in demand since there are many people that loves the fish. That might be the reason why you can easily find many tuna suppliers that sell tuna fish. But still you must find the best tuna supplier for your restaurant to ensure they only gives the best and high quality tuna. In order to do that, you first need to know which process that the tuna have to going through before arrive in your restaurant.

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Before the supplier can get tuna fish, first the fishermen will caught the tuna fish from deep within the ocean. This wild catch tuna fish will then going through bleeding process which done by the fishermen directly on their dock. This process a must thing to do and the fishermen already knows that thus they will do it fast right after the tuna fish is caught.

Tuna fish has high body temperature which is even higher compared to the seawater that they live in. Then while the tuna fish struggles in the pole while being caught by the fishermen, its body temperature rose even more. If the tuna fish is stored in this high body temperature which is highly contrast with the low temperature on the ice storage, then it will make the tuna fish meat become spoiled fast even before they are shipped to the seashore and sold to the supplier tuna restaurant.
Thus it is very important to cool down the tuna fish body temperature which needs to be done fast so the tuna fish meat will not spoil. To do it, bleeding process is done since the process can takes out the blood which makes the tuna gets high temperature from the fish body. When there is no more blood inside the tuna fish blood line, then the fish body temperature will cool down to follow the cold storage temperature. That is why the fish body will not get spoiled fast after the temperature gets cold down. Furthermore removing the blood from the tuna fish meat will also improve the quality of the fish to be twice better. Thus the fishermen can sell their catch to supplier tuna restaurant in higher price.

The bleeding process itself is very easy since they only need to cut the tuna fish artery to make an opening from which the blood can comes out from the blood line. It will only need around five minutes until all the blood comes out from the tuna fish blood line. Since it is fast and easy, the fishermen can do it right on their deck with minimum equipment. Then after the process is done, the tuna fish will be stored inside chilled storage with zero temperature to keep the tuna meat fresh until it is delivered to the shore and arrive in the supplier tuna restaurant hands.
When the tuna fish arrive in the restaurant supplier hands, it will arrive as a whole. This is why the form is called as tuna whole round fish form. This is the best form that you should try to get as a restaurant owner. Especially if you have restaurant near a port thus you can get this whole round fish tuna directly from the fishermen. However it might be difficult for you to get whole round fish tuna directly from the fishermen since most fishermen already have contract to sell their catch with the supplier tuna restaurant. But you should not have to worry since you can get the tuna fish directly from the tuna fish supplier for your restaurant.
When the whole round fish tuna is sold to the tuna fish supplier, they will use it as raw material for their product. Of course they will also sell the product still in whole round tuna fish form if your restaurant business needs it. What they did is only to freeze the whole round fish tuna in lower temperature of -40 degree Celsius to -60 degree Celsius. That way the tuna fish meat will stay fresh longer thus supplier tuna restaurant can sell their product as a high quality product to be used on your restaurant business.

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