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Subway Tuna Supplier is the Chosen Sustainable Vendors

Subway tuna supplier is an important source for Subway international restaurants franchise menu. Their primarily sell salads and sandwiches and the only fish used to make Subway sandwiches is tuna. All of the Subway menu restaurants worldwide only sell skipjack tuna which is purchased directly from the fisheries as their main vendor. Subway claimed that they support sustainable fishing method and concerned about the level of by-catch which can endangered other wild species beside tuna fish product. With that’s concern, Subway is trying to support the reduction and elimination of the use of purse seine nets by sourcing their tuna fish from fisheries that caught tuna with pole and line fishing method.
Information about sustainable Subway tuna supplier
Subway restaurants also support the work of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and thus they will only take MSC certified or equivalent sources as long as possible. Subway is working with MSC in the hope to always maintain sustainably tuna fishing method. As for today, Subway will continue work with several organizations and suppliers with the same goals in order to enhance sustainable sourcing of their seafood, such as:
-          MSC
-          International Pole & Line Foundation
-          Blue Ocean Institute
-          Monterey Bay Seafood Watch
Subway tuna supplier Indonesia with sustainable fishing is an example form of Subway commitment to sustainable tuna. The restaurant franchise even joined as the latest member of International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF). This is a nonprofit organization with goal to support and develop responsible tuna fisheries plus supply chains. The organization works to make sure one-by-one caught tuna fish demand can be conducted without any compromise for sustainably fishing from the fisheries and the same time supporting communities who really need that stock of tuna fish
Sustainable fisheries management becomes more important these days, the goal is to help new and existing fisheries to supply customer’s demand with their tuna stocks but without endangering other wild species in the ocean and to be responsible with environmentally friendly fishing method.
How Subway restaurants choose their Subway tuna supplier?
Subway use set of standards not only when they are choosing the supplier, but also for the menu, sandwich recipes and food, services, packaging, equipment, technology, store design, and cleaning products to ensure that the customer’s experience the same great service, taste, as well as in-store experience no matter they are go to the Subway restaurants worldwide. When choosing the best Subway tuna supplier, they only work with vendors who are able to stock the tuna supply, packaging, and services to Subway restaurants franchise around the world according to the volume requirement.
The suppliers need to meet Subway specification, terms, and conditions, as well as approval from the restaurant franchise. Once the approval process of tuna supplier is complete, then they will be able to send and deliver their products to be used by Subway restaurants to make their menu. Of course it needs many inspection, standards, and agreement terms for the suppliers to fulfill Subway demand.
Subway only seafood sandwich as of now is tuna fish; but the restaurants are planning to have more sandwiches menu with different types of fish. So, maybe in the future alongside with Subway tuna skipjack supplier, they will need other suppliers to supply and deliver other types of fish. All of the Subway restaurants around the world only use the best fish suppliers and pay them according to the agreement.
How Subway can make profit? They usually order tons of tuna fish or in massive quantities with extended period of time and the tuna fish will be regularly delivered to each Subway restaurant according to its schedule. So, Subway is not buying the tuna at retailers, but they find large suppliers that able to accept bulk order from the restaurant and with this method, the prices can be lowered. In conclusion it is all about the quantity, the higher the ordered product, the lower the price will be. At retailer tuna fish is more expensive indeed (of course they still one of the cheapest fish ever compared to others fish), but at wholesale supplier is not so much. Most of large restaurants use this method to lower the cost of their main ingredients. Hope this information useful to help you understand more about Subway tuna supplier.

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