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Tuna Supplier in Thailand Creating Product for Food Bank

Any food bank who needs some tuna product might want to ask quotes from tuna supplier in Thailand. Food bank should provide many foods to those in needs, but you should also ensure that the food the food bank provides also have some variations. Surely people will appreciate it more when they can get various foods from the food bank. Especially since they can create different kind of dish using the food you provide in the food bank. One food that you can try to provide is tuna product, especially canned tuna since this product itself is very versatile. So people will be able to create different kind of dish using the tuna they get in the food bank.

Food Bank using Product Made by Tuna Supplier in Thailand
Surely you always want to provide the best canned tuna produce in the food bank from tuna supplier in Thailand. That is why you surely also want to know how they create this product in their factory in Thailand. First of all, they will get tons of tuna fish from the fishermen which will send their catch to the factory to be used as the raw material. In the factory, the fish will be put on the conveyor which will take them to the shaker machine. This machine will then shake the tuna fish put on top of it, so all of the fish will align together only in one direction. Then a special elevator will be use to carry it into the next line of production.
The next line of production is actually used to separate the tuna fish based on the sizes. They use sizer machine for this job, which already set so only tuna fish with certain size can enter it. The fish then will be collected so it can be separate in different container from the tuna fish that has different size, and then it is ready to be use on the next line of production.
There are two lines of production that the tuna fish can go through inside factory owned by tuna supplier in Thailand. The first one is for the separated tuna fish that can enter the sizer machine. This line of production is used to clean the tuna fish completely from parts that cannot be use. Then the second one is for the separated tuna fish that cannot enter the sizer machine because the size is too big. This line of production is use not only to clean the tuna fish as the previous line of production, but also to cut the tuna fish into suitable size so it will have similar size as the other fish on the previous line of production. When the process in these two lines of production is done, then the tuna meat will enter the same line of production for the next part.
Before going to the next part on line of production inside the factory owned by tuna supplier in Thailand, the tuna meat will be put on racks. Then the racks will be inserted into the pre cooker machine which will be use to cook the tuna meat. This meat will be cooked inside the vacuumed machine using steam for certain time. Then the machines will also cooling down the meat temperature so it can be use right away after taken out from inside the machine.
After being taken out from inside the pre cooker, then the tuna fish will be put inside fillet machine located on different area inside the factory owned by tuna supplier in Thailand. This machine will then used to fill the tuna meat inside the can which use to store it. The machine already been set to only put suitable meat weight into the can based on the can size. Afterwards it will go right away to the next line of production which will put some oil inside the tuna can. This machine can scan the tuna can so the headspace left on each of the can item will be the same.
Lastly is the machine that will be vacuumed and close the tuna can, so it will end the line of production. Now the product is ready to be send from tuna supplier in Thailand into your food bank location to give to people in need.

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