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Tuna Supplier Philippines All Products

Tuna fish now is the most internationally and locally marketed by tuna supplier Philippines. The fish then processed as canned product, frozen, fresh, fillets, and steaks. There are typically exported to various countries especially as fresh and frozen tuna which is part of sushi and sashimi ingredients. If you are looking for good tuna supplier in Philippines then certainty you have lot of options. You can start doing some research to get suppliers with reputable and trusted business. With the modern technologies it is easier to produce and processing the tuna fish so you have been ensured that the products they sent to you is in good condition.

Tuna supplier Philippines all products
Here are some of tuna supplier Philippines products that maybe you want to purchase as part of your business:
1.      Fresh tuna fish product
This is that kind of fish you want to eat raw for sushi or sashimi main ingredient. Many restaurants and hotels who serve such dishes need to get the tuna fish as quick as possible so when the fishes are served to the customers, they are still in the freshest condition and not become spoilage. When choosing fresh tuna, it is best to just go to the supplier directly to check and inspect the tuna fish because you need to ensure that the fish is not partially thawing or previously frozen. The freshest the fish the better the taste of your sushi or sashimi is. Good fresh tuna will have clear and bright eyes without off-putting smell or strong fishy smell, they will smell like ocean but not fishy.
2.      Frozen tuna fish product (ready-to-cook)
Sometimes not all restaurants and hotels can get their hands for best quality fresh tuna and so their option land to frozen seafood. This is a ready-to-cook product that served either as whole round fish, fillets, or steaks. After the tuna fish are caught, they will be frozen immediately to maintain the freshness and when they are distributed to the customers, the fishes are going to be perfectly frozen to keep the texture firm and not contaminated by bacteria. In addition, most of them are vacuum-sealed as well to prevent the fish being spoilage then the fish will be packaged in nylon pack then stored to a room with temperature between -18oC and -20oC. Best tuna supplier Philippines will ensure that their frozen products are in great condition with proper and high tech frozen method. Moreover, it is important to store the frozen products separately and away from raw or fresh tuna to prevent contamination.
3.      Canned tuna product (ready-to-eat)
Tuna fish which is ready to eat are processed in cans or tins, jars, and pouches with various styles such as tuna in oils, water, and brine. Some of them even packaged with additional sauces and herbs such as tuna in tomato based sauces, tuna in mustard sauces, tuna with chili herb, and other Filipino influenced styles. With canned tuna, you can eat the fish straightly from the cans or get them to be mixed as other healthy recipes such as salad, sandwiches, with rice, and many more. It is good to have canned tuna product from tuna supplier Philippines factory when you cannot get either fresh or frozen tuna fish.
4.      Smoked and deboned tuna product
Another variety of tuna fish product is smoked and deboned. The tuna will be filleted and then marinated or brined or other seasonings and then smoked with either conventional or mechanical smoked fish method. The tuna fish is already deboned so customers do not need to be worried with the bones. The boneless smoked tuna fish product then can be distributed to various food stores and markets; they are good exported product as well.
Various tuna product available and can be ordered via tuna supplier Philippines. Tuna fish is very popular since it offers appealing texture, taste, color, and general appearance. If you are looking for suppliers then make sure that you ask about the sustainability as well. Many fisheries that do not care about sustainable and eco-friendly fishing method harm other wild life animals in the ocean beside tuna fish, so ask the suppliers about how and where they get the sources of their fishes. Hope this information helps you finding the right one.

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