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Understanding Supplier Tuna Recall

Supplier tuna recall news is not a new thing when we talk about manufacturers products. Product recall can happen to many industries including fish industries when they found that the products have some defect or potential harmful issue. Years ago there was US manufacturer which recall all of their tuna frozen products to the issue that the meats were being contaminated with Hepatitis A. Not only that, there were also large tuna fish factory voluntary recalled back all of their more than 3 millions tuna cans product due to some issue which is the cans were not being sealed properly. This is sound ridiculous, but of course this may affect consumer’s health.

What you should know about supplier tuna recall
Of course there are is manufacturer wants to do supplier tuna recall since it will cost them a lot, not to mention they need to refund or compensate all customers who already bought their products meaning they will lost the profit. In addition, if the products cause some harmful issue to the customers who eat their products, then it will cost more than just refund the price that already paid by the customers when they buy the products.
Supplier tuna recall problem also affect the manufacturer or companies’ brand name. They will risk their reputation when they do product recall. This can make their customers to lose their trust with the products and too afraid to being the same products again. In the end, the companies still need to do the recall voluntary or involuntary since they need to do it in behalf of the countries organization such as FDA or Food and Drug Administration.
Recall have become a routine topic in an industry, when the product recall has been announced then customers who already purchased the Tuna products can throw them away and not take the refund which is the companies gladly accept and even quite happy since they do not need to give some compensation, maybe. But, the customers can also request for compensation when they found out that the products are defected. They can return the tuna products to where they buy it or simply ask the companies by phone about how they should return it.
Anyway, there are other important things you should know regarding supplier tuna recall in tuna fishing industries, such as:
-          Tuna product recall can happen to many form of products and not only tuna canned, but also fresh and frozen tuna fish. This is happen when the manufacturers or the FDA found out that the products are defective such as the tuna fish has been contaminated and can cause illness or even death. Some issue can also happen related to not only the fish itself but also the packaging.
-          When the manufacturers announced their supplier tuna recall, they will give you quick information regarding how the customers can return their products and take some refund plus numbers that buyers can contact. Usually the tuna products have “best before date” or “best by date” and the date when the products are produced. The companies will also tell buyers about specific dates on the products that need to be returned and even some of them will tell listed the code numbers so buyers can tell whether their products are included in the defected good list.
-          Never take supplier recall is a lightly matter, if you found out that you bought defected tuna goods, you should report it as soon as possible so the companies can tell about the safety issue of the products. This is very important because defected products can harm people as well especially in the form of foods which people eaten.
All of supplier tuna recall issues need to be managed carefully by the companies since the activity will affect the brand image, consumer’s health, and financial performance of the companies. Suppliers need to have good strategies when they want to do some product recall. It is better if the companies can tell the location of the bad or defected products and then they are able to retract all the goods at once without touching or include the good or fine tuna products . A better understanding about product recall and its strategies are needed for this kind of matter.

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