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Visiting Tuna Factory in Australia to See the Machines Duty

If you have a change, then you might want to try visiting tuna factory in Australia to see the machine that they use. Tuna product is quite popular thus it has large demand all over the world. Especially tuna canned product which many people love to use in their meals. That is why the demand of this product always increases every year. This surely a good opportunity that should not be let goes especially for business people in Australia. That might be the reason why there are more and more factories dedicated to create tuna product in Australia.

The Machines Duty at Tuna Factory in Australia
Of course, to be able to create high quality tuna canned product Australian factory need to use different kind of machine. Especially since most tuna canned factory uses machines with advanced technology to create their product. Furthermore by using these machines their product can be made using high standard, thus more people will trust and purchase the product. So if you have the chance, even though it is very rare, try to visit their factory for once in your life. Now let us see some of the machines that the factory uses to create their product in high quality environment.
1.      Shake and align machine
First machine which you can find at tuna factory in Australia is this shake and align machine. This machine duty is to shake which will then align the tuna fish put on this machine. When the tuna fish is align in the same direction, and then it can be put inside elevator which duty is to bring the fish to other machine.
2.      Size separation machine
This is the other machine that comes after the first machine. This machine duty is to separate tuna fish according to the size that the tuna factory in Australia wants. Thus the machine itself is already set beforehand so only tuna fish which have desired size can enter the machine. Then those tuna fish will be collected to be cleaned by the workers that work in the factory.
3.      Pressure cooker machine
After the tuna fish in factory is cleaned and cut, then they will be put on a rack with wheel. Those racks will be the one that is inserted into this machine since the size of this machine itself is quite large. Of course, the size of machine used by different tuna factory in Australia will be varied, but usually each of these machines can cook tons of tuna fish at once. The machine itself will cook the tuna fish inside vacuum condition thus the pressure will be applied on the tuna fish. This will ensure the tuna fish to be cooked evenly and faster since there will be steam applied to the fish. Afterwards the machine will also release the temperature so the fish can be cooled down before putting it on the next machine.
4.      Filling machine
This machine duty is to put the cooked fish inside the tuna can in which the product is packed inside. The reason why the tuna factory in Australia is using machine for this duty is because it will be more sanitary for the meat. Furthermore the machine can be set so it will only put correct amount of filling inside each tuna can. Other thing is that the machine is able to do its duty fast and accurately thus it will guarantee the quality of the product created by using this machine.
5.      Liquid input machine
Another thing that will be input inside the tuna can is some liquid that you often see in the product. This machine can put the liquid inside the tuna can then left precise headspace on each can.
6.      Closing machine
This machine duty is to close the tuna can so and vacuum it so the product inside the can will be protected. This is important process that will need to be done quickly and precisely thus machine is used on this duty.
Those are the machine used by tuna factory in Australia when they want to create tuna canned supplier product with high quality. If you can visit the factory then you will have a chance to see those machines yourself. It is quite fascinating to be able to see those machines in real.

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